Whether you are a first-timer or a long-time enthusiast, a youngster or adult, a serious competitor or a casual horse lover, the Louisville Equestrian Center has a riding experience for you.

LEC’s new facility houses over 30 wonderful lesson horses of all shapes, sizes, and levels that can teach both kids and adults. We have ponies that can give riding lessons to kids as young as three as well as advanced horses that are show quality. Among these, there are 3-gaited, 5-gaited and Western horses to choose from. Every week can be an adventure on a new mount or you can stick with an old favorite; but no matter what you choose, all of our horses and ponies are reliable, experienced, and lots of fun. As your skill level grows LEC always has a horse for you!

We offer discounts and specials year-round so sign up on our Facebook page for more information. We also have an Adult Riding Club and very active 4-H and Youth Clubs.

Types of Lessons:

  • Private Lessons are an important place to start. Safety and confidence can be emphasized when you are one-on-one with your instructor. Private lessons are also geared toward someone working on a specific goal or skill.
  • Semi-Private Lessons are perfect for a small group (2-3) that want to do something special together. A special date, parent-child, siblings, riders needing more attention, or a small group working on a particular skill all are appropriate for semi-private lessons
  • Group Lessons are perfect for individuals who want to work with others of a similar skill level and learn in a collaborative environment where they can observe others and learn from others’ experiences as well as their own. Groups also tend to be more affordable.


Introductory Package: 3 private lessons / 2 group lessons
Club Package: 4 group lessons / 4 club lessons (club include: LEAG, 4-H, & Bareback classes)

*Packages must be used within 180 days of purchase

Tired of the same old lesson routine? Try something new with your riding and sign up for one of LEC’s Specialty Lessons.

  • Bareback: We are offering Bareback Riding Lessons for students interested in riding in Bareback classes at the Winter Tournaments, at 4-H competitions, or just for fun! In order to be eligible to sign up, you must be enrolled in one of our regular riding lesson programs and get prior approval from your instructor. Bareback classes are ongoing on Saturdays at 12:30pm.

  • Western: We are now offering a Western Riding Program to our students. Looking for something a little more laid back than English riding? Interested in building some basic horsemanship skills? Try our new western lessons and let’s do some jogging and loping!

    This program is open to all of our riders over the age of 9. Riders at least 9 years old and older may start directly in Western Lessons should they so desire. For riders 8 years old and under, however, we require that students begin with English style lessons and build up a basic skill level that will enable them to comfortably transfer into the Western program. Currently, we offer a Western group lesson on Sunday mornings at 11:30. Riders may schedule private Western Lessons on request. Call and speak with our Scheduler for more information or to get signed up!

  • Driving: Driving lessons are available on request and can be scheduled at your convenience. Many of your favorite lesson horses can drive as well as ride! And there are always driving classes at tournaments and horse shows if you are interested in being competitive. Please note: driving lessons, due to the amount of arena space necessary to teach them, are automatically scheduled as Private lessons.

  • Club Lessons: LEC offers many unique opportunities for riders to become more involved in the barn community. One of the ways to do this is to join a club. While some clubs like Youth Club, Quiz Bowl Team, and the Adult Riding Club do not ride together, 4-H and LEAG have special club lesson times available during which members ride together to practice the skills needed for performance whether it is a 4-H Horse Show or a LEAG Theater production. Club lessons are meant to supplement traditional riding lessons and often focus only on a particular skill set. These lessons are also offered at a discounted rate to club members. Check the schedule to find out when your club takes lessons.

  • EQuest!  New Adult Riding Program: Call to inquire about our on-going Adult Riding Progam.  This program is offered in 6-week courses where we take a sampling of all our different riding styles!  From Mounted Games to Drill Team!  And all for our Adult Riders. EQuest classes are two hours in duration and include a 45-minute riding lesson and an hour-long lecture taught by Betsy Webb.  Our EQuest program is modeled after the Continuing Education Program offered through JCPS.  The lectures here will be more intensive and comprehensive than the Continuing Education Program.

    Cost is $490 for the entire 6-week course.

    Act now and get a 60% discount!  All 6 weeks for only $199!!!