Calling ALL LEC riders! Lessons and Horse Shows are going to start up soon! And we can’t have a bunch of sloppy and flabby riders!! So, have we got a challenge for you! Our Challenge is OPEN to all LEC riders, current and past—Hey, invite a friend too! So what is the Challenge?!
We are going to get all of our riders up and moving! And then not only is this great exercise, but we are going to practice lessons we have learned in our riding lessons! Our Challenge is similar to our Horse Show game which everyone loves to play at the LEC or even at home!
Three equitation work-outs will be posted and pick one, two or even all three! Yep, let’s get out into the backyard or driveway, and get busy! Practice the work-outs and get someone to video you. Send the video to Ms. Betsy (, and she will critique, and then give you some points to work on. Practice again and perfect your work-out and resend new improved videos.                                                                                                                                                As soon as you are ready, send those first videos in to Ms. Betsy. We have put a deadline of April 30 as the deadline to get your first video in to Ms. Betsy, get your personal critique and get your final video in!
Supplies You Will Need:
  • Yourself
  • Someone to Video Your Work-Out Performance
  • Space (your yard, driveway, even a big family room—just don’t get too far from the camera!)
Criteria for Judging:
  • Straight Lines
  • Round Circles
  • Equitation Position from the Waist Up
  • How Fancy is Your Trot? (Degree of Difficulty)
  • How well you stand – No Pawing
  • Expression (be happy and confident!)
  • Technically correct pattern
It’s FREE! Go ahead—Everyone is Welcome to Join in! All ages and all levels of riders! All participants will receive a really COOL t-shirt! And once the work-outs and videos have been judged, prizes will be awarded for each age group!